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Collaborate and Advance Together | New Materials for the World Expo Held in June, and the Landing Committee Evaluation and Commendation Conference
Source: | Author:客服部 | Published time: 2021-07-19 | 53 Views | Share:

       In order to better stimulate employees' work enthusiasm, fully mobilize their work enthusiasm and initiative, and correctly guide their career development direction. On July 19, 2021, the World Expo New Materials held a grand "May and June Landing Committee Evaluation and Award Ceremony". Some leaders attended the award ceremony, which was presided over by the office director Zhang Mingqin. More than 80 middle and senior leaders and employees of the company attended.

Party Branch Secretary Cai Fushun Presents Awards to Outstanding Employees in May

In order to fully mobilize the service awareness and initiative of frontline employees, create a positive and positive service atmosphere, and achieve clear rewards and punishments, in accordance with the requirements of the company's landing committee system, a total of five awards were selected in May and June, among which the comprehensive processing was awarded the "first place in the new style of May and June"; The research and development center was rated as the "second place in May's new style"; The Gaozao Group was rated as the "second in June's new style"; Ding Xianchao, the head of the color matching department, was awarded the title of "Excellent Supervisor in May and June"; Park gatekeeper Cai Jingding was awarded the "Special Contribution Award"; Fang Jinkuan, Ma Xuzhao, Wang Xixiao, Yang Jia, Zeng Qinghui, Sun Xingding, and Hou Gengcui were selected as "May Excellent Employees"; Ma Xuzhao, Wang Xixiao, Zeng Qinghui, Sun Xingding, Hou Gengcui, and Liu Weiju were selected as "Outstanding Employees in June". At the ceremony, host Zhang Mingqin delivered a message of encouragement from the company for various awards. Each honor recipient worked tirelessly and diligently in an ordinary position, winning recognition and praise from all staff of the company with high-quality service and strong sense of responsibility.

Party Branch Secretary Cai Fushun Presents Awards to Employees with Special Contributions

Party Branch Secretary Cai Fushun Presents Awards to the New Style and Excellent Team

The above award-winning individuals and groups were awarded honorary certificates, bonuses, and group photos by Party Secretary Cai Fushun, and their achievements were fully recognized and highly praised. Due to limited monthly quotas, many employees who have made outstanding contributions to the company cannot receive recognition here. However, as a key task of the company, the selection of the landing committee will continue to be carried out in the long term, allowing more employees who silently contribute in frontline positions to stand out and create a good atmosphere for everyone to strive for excellence. We believe that through the joint efforts of all employees, the new materials of the World Expo will face a new level.

The award ceremony has come to a successful conclusion in a pleasant atmosphere!