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Strengthen awareness and prevent non ignition | Carry out fire drills with new materials for the World Expo
Source: | Author:客服部 | Published time: 2021-07-19 | 39 Views | Share:

To strengthen fire safety management, solidly carry out fire protection and production work, and ensure effective rescue in emergency situations such as fires in the company's production. With the strong support of various leaders and employees, Expo New Materials launched an emergency fire drill today. The purpose of this exercise is to familiarize company employees with the handling process of operating fire equipment, enhance their fire awareness, improve their ability to extinguish and handle fires, and enhance their self rescue ability.

Before the exercise, the host Zhang Mingqin first issued the "Fire Safety Science Popularization Knowledge" and explained in detail to all employees the fire equipment, maintenance, and usage methods. At 8 a.m., the fire drill officially began. After the ignition of the fire bucket, a thick smoke emitted. Employees took turns holding fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire and control its spread through professional 'one lift, two pull, and three press' usage methods.

After learning how to use fire extinguishers, the employees went on to learn the second type of fire-fighting equipment, the "fire hydrant". The employees worked together to lay a water hose and open the fire hydrant. They worked in pairs to control the water pressure and direction, and aimed at the fire source to extinguish the fire. The participating employees were serious and obedient, and the atmosphere was very enthusiastic. The entire firefighting operation was carried out in an orderly manner, achieving the expected effect.

After the exercise, host Zhang Mingqin announced that the exercise had been a complete success and stated that he would take this exercise as an opportunity to strengthen fire management, continuously improve the "health level" of fire facilities, further improve disaster and accident warning and emergency mechanisms that are responsive, coordinated, and efficient in operation, resolutely curb the occurrence of various fires and safety accidents, and ensure good office and work order for the company. This fire drill has enabled all employees to achieve the goal of fire emergency plans and improve their disaster response capabilities, enhancing the company's employees' fire awareness and self rescue ability.